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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Help Teachers Clear the List!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Have you heard about "Clear the List"?! It's a movement to support teachers by purchasing items from their supply lists. 

Back to school time is coming up fast (it's already here for some of us). Teachers are getting ready for the start of a shiny new year. But, as most teachers know, we often spend money out of our own pockets to buy supplies. That's where "Clear the List" comes to the rescue! 

If you're a teacher . . .

Head over to Amazon to create a classroom wishlist and then share it publicly. You can also share the link to your list on social media with #clearthelist so that others can find it and help YOU clear your list! 

To make your teacher wishlist:

1. Go to "Account & List" at the top of any of the Amazon pages. Then click on "Create a List." Don't forget to name your list!

2. Go to the 3 dots MORE menu on the right. IMPORTANT: Click on Manage List to make sure your shipping address is correct. 

3. Then choose whether your list is public or private and whether or not it is for an organization. 

4. Just click "Save" and start adding your items! 

5. You will add by finding the items on Amazon and clicking on the gray "Add to List" under the Buy box (You might have to scroll down. It took me a minute to find it.).

Make sure to share your wishlist on social media using #clearthelist. Don't forget to share it in the comments below, too! 

Happy teaching!

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