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Friday, February 22, 2013

Read Like a Rock Star! FREEBIE!

I am quite pleased with the reading progress my students have made this year.   Yet, we do need to focus more on long vowel sound words, so I created a packet of activities for ALL of my readers.  It has CVC words, sight words, words with silent e, words with vowel pairs, sight word sentences, and more!  It includes games, response/recording sheets for centers, and cut-and-glue worksheets.  Plus, I couldn't resist throwing a Bump game in there!  (Bump games are my personal favorite!  I really enjoy playing these with my own kids at home.  AND, I now like to send Bump games with matching books for homework.  They seem to be a hit!)  It has some sight words added, as well, for a little twist on the traditional Bump game.  

Our latest use of my cut-and-glue sight word sentences.  

So, to go with this pack, I also just HAD to make a FREEBIE!  You'll be happy to know that the freebie consists of my best-selling type of item:   CUT-AND-GLUE SIGHT WORD SENTENCES!   I use these in my own classroom for almost every occasion.  Here are a couple of pictures of their most recent use for Valentine's Day.  As you can see, I make the copies in black-and-white when students are making their own sentences to take home.  The pictures come in color because they can also be laminated and added to pocket charts as a literacy activity.  
Here are some pictures of the FREEBIE!  I hope you and your students enjoy them as much as my class and I do!  Click on the caption below the picture to get your own copy!  

Pictures of my latest FREEBIE!  4 pages of cut-and-glue sight word sentences
Here are some pictures of my most recent product, Read Like a Rock Star!  for Kindergarten.  As I said in the description above, it contains something for almost every level of kindergarten reader.  AND, it's on sale at my Teachers Notebook shop for 50% off through Monday!  (I got it posted a little earlier on Teachers Pay Teachers, so the sale there ends on Saturday.  I try to keep them the same as much as possible, but with 3 kids . . . You know how it is.)  So, take a look and see if this pack can help your kinders read like rock stars, too!
Pictures of my newest product, Read Like a Rock Star!  for kindergarten

As always, thanks for reading!  

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