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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Math Journal FREEBIE for Kindergarten and First

        I have really enjoyed making a couple of FREE things lately, so I thought I would make one more!  I know that math journals have been sooo helpful for me and my students, so I thought I'd make some free math journal prompts.  They are pet-themed, so they can be used any time of year.  I plan to stick them in as fillers every now and again, as needed, or maybe bring them out when we're doing animal groups.  They could also go with the "All About Me" theme since some students have pets they like to talk about.
CLICK HERE to get your collection of 20 pet-themed math journal prompts.
         I have found that math journals serve as a wonderful record of a student's progress in math.  During conferences, the parent can see how his/her child is increasing his/her  understanding of each mathematical concept.  They also serve as a quick assessment tool.  You know right away which students understand the concept, illustrating and answering the problem quickly, and those who need help beginning to solve it or somewhere along the way.  I have also found that most of my students enjoy drawing and coloring their answers and will even color the picture on the prompt!  

           While I was not able to address ALL of the math standards with only 20 prompts, I tried to give a nice sampling of the different types of problems that I usually include.  Some prompts are only kindergarten or first grade (These could still be used as review or for an extra challenge.), many of them address one or more standards from both grades.  
       So, click on the link under the cover page above and grab a copy today!  

Please take a moment to add my Teachers Notebook store to your favorites, too!  That way you'll not miss the next freebie!

Have fun teaching math!

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  2. I am your newest follower (I found you through TpT's 10 Free Downloads)! I loved the CVC game and these math journal prompts. Thanks!!

    Check out my blog @ MrsRogersKNeighborhood.blogspot.com sometime :)