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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Sale!

Well, for some places it has--just not here!  It was a balmy 30 degrees here today with a windchill of, say, about 10!  I really don't know, but it was so windy it felt like the middle of winter!  So I doubt that the first day of spring tomorrow is going to be much different in terms of weather, but for me it's a sign that warmer days are not far off!  

To celebrate, I thought I'd throw a SALE!  I'm having a sale just for one day, March 20th, and everything in the store is 10% off!!!  Be sure to drop by my TPT store!  

Here are a few SPRING ITEMS that you might like.  Just click on the picture to take a look!

This set helps students practice reading fluency AND addition!
PreK to 3rd.

This set helps with grammar, punctuation, AND sight words.
PreK to 1st.

This set helps students with grammar, punctuation, AND sight words.
2nd and 3rd.

In addition to these, I have 2 new items summer-themed items that are still 50% off.  You can always find my latest products by visiting my store and choosing the "Most Recent" option for filtering items.  

Again, thank you so much for following my blog and store!  

Happy teaching!

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