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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Here Comes Halloween! Celebrating with a FREEBIE!

So, we are busy decorating the house for Halloween (yes, already).  As I shared in the last post, my middle son LOVES Halloween (and the color orange), so it just has to happen.  In fact, he got very upset today because he thought we weren't planning on decorating the lawn!  "Of course we are doing the front yard!"  I told him.  I am pretty sure that involves a trip to the store for some inflatable decor.  

Anyway, my son is already celebrating, so I'm just in the mood to make Halloween materials.  Here's my latest FREEBIE, a sight word matching game covering the pre-primer Dolch sight words.  I have found that simple matching games work very well for  my preK and beginning kinder students.  We play these at home and at school with 4 or 5 matches at a time, adding matches as the children get older and/or more advanced in their reading skills.  These games also get good reviews from the parents because the directions are clear and the children feel successful when they find matches (even if they still need help reading the words).  

I plan to send this game home as a "homework" activity.  If it's popular, I might also make a set for the reading center.   Click on the picture at the top or HERE to get a copy for your classroom.  I hope your students enjoy it!  

Happy Halloween a little early,

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