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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bitty Books: Addressing 10 Standards with 1 Sheet!

My first set of Bitty Books is finally finished!   I am so excited to get to post them today!  I did my first "trial run" yesterday (i.e. I had my kindergartener and preschooler make their own) and it was a great success.  My son, an interested reader who can ALMOST merge letter sounds, LOVED them!  

However, these types of books are not new to my classroom.   I have actually been using them for years, they just weren't as "fancy."  I have always had beginning readers make word family books using strips of paper stapled together and  a pencil.  These just add a more finished look to what we have always used, as well as cutting, gluing, and tracing components.  

But, my favorite aspect of these books is that THERE IS ONLY ONE PAGE TO PRINT!  For the amount of ink that is used, you really get your money's worth:  matching picture to print, tracing, writing, cutting, gluing, saying letter sounds, AND reading!  These books cover 10 Common Core Standards with one sheet of print!

And, since they are BRAND NEW, this set of books is available for only $1.50 for the next few days (thru 10/20/13) in my Teacher's Notebook store!  Click on one of the pictures below to take a look!

As always, 
Happy Teaching!  

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  1. Your Bitty Books look cute! Fun idea and way to get in some practice with the chunks.
    Conversations in Literacy