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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I Will Never Have a Blog"

My friend's reply was, "Yeah, right.  It's totally for you."  I think she meant that I like to talk a lot and write a lot, so to her it made perfect sense.  Yet, with 3 kids at home (3 and under!) and my students at school, when would I find the time?  Here's me, finding the time!
I hope you'll decide to join me as I embark on this new journey.  My blog will be aimed at helping both parents and teachers.  Here's what I plan to offer you:
1)  Freebies!  Everybody likes getting things for free.  I'm a huge fan of coupons, so I LOVE free!  I'll offer some freebies from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and let you know about other great teacher freebies that are available.  Most of my materials can be used in the classroom or at home.  In fact, most of my materials are take-home games for extra practice.
2)  Product reviews.  As I teach and work with my own children at home, I have come across some extremely helpful products.  For example, LeapFrog rocks!  I'll let you know about my wonderful finds!
3)  Learning a second language.  My children and I are trying our best to learn Mandarin.  It certainly isn't easy (at least for me), but we're chugging along and actually making some progress.  I attribute our success to various materials (which I will also tell you about) and Language Stars.  I was very pleased when they recently chose me to share about my LS experiences on my blog*.  So, you'll be hearing more about that in the future, as well.
Thanks for reading and please join me!

*I blog about my experience and get discounted tuition.  For a couponer like me, nothing could be better!
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  1. Welcome to blogging! You are off to a great start!
    Amy (aka Science Stuff)

  2. Thanks for following me and posting my link on your blog! Good luck!
    Amy (aka Science Stuff)

  3. Hi! I'm new too! I just followed you. Please return the favor :-)