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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Linky Party! Sticker Charts are my Favorite!

Thanks, Lesson Plan Diva, for hosting such an awesome linky party!  I simply had to join.
I've been teaching pre-k and kindergarten for about 13 years now and I have used a LOT of different behavior management plans.  But, my old stand-by, my favorite, has to be a very simple sticker chart.  I prefer this over any other method because:

1)  It is positive reinforcement.  I teach little ones.  I like happy faces and rainbows and I usually sign my name with a picture of sunshine attached.  Why in the world would I like flipping cards to red or taking recess time?  I don't.  So, I really love positive methods of encouraging preferred classroom behaviors.

2)  My little ones get a prize right away.  When I award a sticker, that child knows right then that they have done something good.  There is no waiting and no guessing.  Not only did I smile and  say something kind and encouraging, I also handed them a tangible (yet small) token of praise.

3)  They learn to wait.  While students do receive that small token right away, they also learn to wait for a larger prize.  Learning to delay gratification (I've read) helps them be better at saving money when they grow up.  It also makes them more likely to go to college because they can work a long time to get a reward.  See?  Stickers are great!

And, last but not least, reason #4)  If you are having a behaviorally difficult day, just take a moment to tell the class that you feel like giving away a lot of stickers.  Let them see you put a couple of pages in your pocket.  You will be amazed at how wonderful the rest of your day goes!

FREE STICKER CHARTS!  Click on "Jumping on the Pirate Boat" in the list of previous posts to your right.  Click on the picture of the pirate sticker chart to get 5 sets of free charts!

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Thanks for reading!
Teacher Tam
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  1. Thanks for the sticker charts! Where do you have your students keep them?

  2. I usually post them in the same place in the room. You can also have each student keep them just inside or attached to the top of their desks. That way, it would be just as much about keeping up with the chart!