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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Learning Chinese by Playing!

For this post, I thought I'd share a little bit about what we do at Language Stars* that makes it so much fun for my kids.  What keeps them engaged week after week, eager to go to class?  What makes learning a second language so effortless and enjoyable?  Here are two activities from the last couple of weeks that will help demonstrate what my children are loving about class . . .

For the past 2 weeks, my son's Parents and Tots class has been studying body parts.  Even though it's not a very exciting topic at first glance, his teacher made it so by bringing in a few extra props and some enthusiasm.   The first of the props was this really cool squeezable rocket.  Both of my sons absolutely LOVE this toy!

This is one of our favorite Language Stars learning props!  

The teacher first has students tape pictures of different body parts to the wall.  Then, she calls out a body part and all the kids launch their rockets at that picture!  I know it sounds really simple, but the toddlers have a ball just playing with these mini rockets!  It was hard to get my son to put it away.  He wanted to keep launching it around the room to practice using it.  It's funny sometimes how siblings have similar toy choices.  
Body parts posters to hit with the little rocket toys

I have to find out where in the world they found this next toy.  It's a cute stuffed toy , an attention-getting alien, and a learning tool all in one!   You should have seen my son's eyes when the teacher pulled it out of her bag!  He turned and looked at me like, "Did you see that, Mom?  Isn't it cool?"  But of course, all he can do right now is point and pull me toward the bright, colorful puppet.
The colorful puppet with a bag full of velcro body parts

Using the puppet, the teacher engaged my son and the other toddlers by handing them each a candy-corn colored body part to attach to the puppet.  As she passed them out, she would say the new word several times and encourage the little ones to repeat it.  Not only are puppets a draw in general for kids, but this one was so unique that it held their attention longer than usual.  All of the kids were eagerly participating and engaged.  The puppet was just as big of a draw as the tub full of water was a few weeks ago when we were studying vehicles.   Puppets AND water?  No wonder my kids love going to Chinese class!  

My son plays with boats in a tub of water--always fascinating!

Hopefully now you have some idea of what my little ones are doing during class:  They're having fun AND learning Chinese!  Why can't it be this easy for adults?  

Thanks for reading,

* We get 50% off our tuition for blogging about our Language Stars experiences.  

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