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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What are YOUR (K, 1st, 2nd) students doing this summer?!

     I want all of my students to be super ready for 1st grade!  So, I made a summer skills review pack for my little ones to do over the summer, just to make sure that the "summer" slide doesn't happen to them!  It is based on the Kindergarten Common Core standards for Math and Language Arts.  It includes every standard that was possible to do in "worksheet" form, as well as a board game complete with 5 sets of cards (addition, subtraction, sight words, sentences, & blends/digraphs).  It has been well-received by other teachers and PARENTS, too!  
    Since it was SO popular and my niece will need the next set,  I made one for firsties, too!
    Then, Katie Conklin, who has 2nd grade now, created a great set for 2nd grade.   Hers has something a little extra called "Third Grade Thrillers."  These are 10 challenging third grade activities to give students a look at what they'll be doing in the next grade!  Awesome!
   Anyway, check out our packets by clicking on the captions below each picture.

Click here to see the Kindergarten Set

Click here to see the First Grade Set

Click here to see the Second Grade Set

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  1. I've told my parents all about them but now I can't open your email. May I please have it one more time. I was one of the 1st 5 to blog about your lovely First Grade Common Core SKills.