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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Let me start by saying that there is just WAAAAAY too much cute clip art out there!  I found these adorable pumpkin graphics from Dots of Fun and just HAD to make something with them.

I came up with a fall-themed, beginning-of-the-year freebie!  It's a game with 2 ways to play:  as a regular matching game or as a go fish game.  Students match numbers to quantities on ten frames.  Colorful ten frames from Graphics from the Pond added some eye-catching elements to the cards.   

I plan to use this as a math center game.  I will also make a set to send home in a plastic bag as a homework activity.  My favorite thing to do is to include a book with the same theme.  Math AND reading--does it get better than that?  Students truly enjoy the materials.  They even ASK to take the games home!  

So, go grab your FREEBIE here!  I hope your students enjoy it! 

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