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Friday, November 29, 2013

Number Ladders

My daughter and I took some time out from our family festivities today to do a little math.  We were using this very practical "Number Ladders" product from Stacy Pearson.  As you can see, I printed out some base 10 blocks to use with the product, as recommended by the author. While my daughter is good at math, these activities are actually aimed at the grade 1-3 crowd.  The manipulatives were certainly a help for her.   She would not have been able to complete them otherwise.  

While she needed a little direction at first, my daughter (kindergarten) was able to complete the easiest page of the ladder pack.  The whole time she was working, I realized that this would be a great challenge work for some of my students who are advanced in math.  These sheets are perfect for assessing a student's understanding of place value.  

This packet could be used for assessment, place value practice, early finisher work, or just as a challenging math activity.  Each page is a puzzle of sorts.  They would serve as a challenge to students within a wide grade range.    

Plus . . . this item is available in the "Year Round Resources" bundle from Educents for a limited time!  Click on the picture below to take a look!

As always, thanks for reading!  

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  1. Thank you Teacher Tam! I'm so glad you got to try the Number Ladders! Thank you so much for posting about it! =)