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Monday, February 10, 2014

Kindergarten Cut-and-Glue Sentences and a FREEBIE!

Not only am I teaching my students to read, but I also have 2 kids at home who are learning!  My daughter recently started reading beginning chapter books (yea!) and my son is working on CVC words and sight words.  So, with her, I am concentrating more on fluency and writing practice.  With my son, it's READ, READ, READ 3-letter words and beginning sight words.  

This week, I had them both work on pages from one of my most popular products, "Cut-and-Glue Sight Word Sentences for Kindergarten."  My son did one of the first pages, while my daughter worked on one of the last pages.  He concentrated more on reading the words.  She focused on sentence structure and punctuation.  

Click on the picture to see this product on Teachers Notebook.

I use this set frequently in the classroom and at home, as well as similar sets for different seasons and holidays.  They are great for students who need sight word practice.  For students reading at more advanced levels, they still work well as grammar and punctuation practice.  This semester, I have started having students rewrite the sentences in their writing notebooks.  Some of them are still forgetting capital letters, periods, and question marks, so I know the practice continues to be beneficial for this group of students.

I also have a FREE set available so you can try these out in your classroom.  Just click on the picture below to grab a set!  
Click on the picture to see it on Teachers Notebook.

I hope your students benefit from using these as much as mine do!  Thanks for reading!

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