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Sunday, February 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day FREE Printables for Kindergarten

Click on the picture to see it on Teachers Notebook.

I think my latest FREEBIE is just adorable!  The graphics are super cute!  The picture graphics are from Creative Clips, Lindy du Plessis, Educlips, and KPM Doodles.  I think everything is more fun when you have cute pictures to color!  

This set has 10 pages of math and literacy cut and color activities.  It contains the following pages:  

*St. Patrick's Day Hats Spin & Color:  A Words
             This is a 2-player game where students spin a paper clip and color words from different short vowel word families.  The first person to color 8 words wins!  This page provides some extra CVC practice.  A couple of blends are thrown in for an extra challenge.  

*Lucky Shamrocks!  
             Here, students color the shamrocks according to the number of letters in each sight word.  

*Pots of Gold!  
              On this page, students cut out words with the short "e" sound and glue them with the correct word family.  This is great for students still working on CVC words!

*Leprechaun Sentence Scramble
              Students cut out a scrambled sight word sentence, glue the words in the correct order, then write the sentence.  This page will be great to use on the day the leprechaun visits!  

*Color the Coins:  Sums of 9 & 10
              On this page, students color the coins according to the sum of each addition problem.  My students can always use more addition practice!  

*Coloring Lucky Gold:  Tens and Ones
               Here, students color the correct amount of coins to represent each number.  This page provides some place value practice.
*Lucky Graphing:  Sight Words
                This page combines reading AND math!  Students cut out the lucky horseshoes and use them to represent how many words are found.
*Adding Shamrocks
                 Here, students use shamrocks to represent each addition problem.  Pages like this one have really worked well in my class this year.

*Ten Hats
                On this page, students cut out additional hats, using them to make ten in each set.  

*St. Patrick's Day Addition Within 10
                This is just an extra addition practice page--but it has adorable graphics!  

This FREE set gives you a little preview of my SPRING set!  The spring set has 40 pages of similar material.  Each of the pages is completely different from my St. Patrick's set, so if you get both, it's like having 50 pages to use!  AND the set is a Daily Deal on Teachers Notebook through Monday, Feb. 17 (Tuesday, too, if I win the bid), so it's only $2.40!  Click on the picture below to take a look.  

Click on the picture to see it on Teachers Notebook.

I hope you AND your students enjoy the freebie!

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  1. Hey, Teacher Tam! I love this freebie and would LOVE for you to link it up at my St. Patrick's Day Linky Party. Thanks and hope you're doing well!

    Tabitha Carro
    FlapJack Educational Resources