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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springing Into Science Blog Hop! And a New Science Game!

Butterflies in my classroom and bunnies in my back yard . . . don't you think it's perfect timing for a SCIENCE blog hop?  We did!  Over 20 teacher-blogger friends and I teamed up to bring you some great science ideas, as well as freebies and giveaways!  "Spring" on through to see what discoveries await!  

I decided to create a new science game to offer as a FREEBIE! (Sorry that this game is no longer offered as a freebie.  Be sure to follow my blog so you don't miss the next one!)  My son is really getting into reading lately AND he is obsessed with space.  So, I simply HAD to make a reading/science game that he would enjoy.  We played it for the first time tonight.  He really thought it was cool!  

My purpose with this game was twofold:  

1) I have created a few science games for my class, but I would love to have more!  Combining reading practice and facts about the solar system seemed to be an easy and effective way to add more science content to my games.
2) I tried to include sight words and simple sentences whenever possible.  Yet, as you can see, this proved to be quite difficult.  There is no way around including certain vocabulary words and the names of the planets.  Our solution tonight was for my son to read as much as he could while I chimed in with the names of planets and helped sound out challenging words.  It seemed to work well (due to the high-interest subject matter).  I bet he'll be able to read more of the sentences on his own tomorrow!  

To take a look at this game download your FREE SPACE-THEMED BOARD GAME, just click on the picture below.  I hope your students enjoy this one as much as my son did!  (The file is large, so Google Docs will not show a preview.  Just click on "Download" to get the file.)

Now, click on the button below to SPRING on over to Krista's blog!  

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  1. Thank you so much for the freebie!! It is adorable! We love teaching our children about the solar system. We are looking forward to using your game.
    We are you newest followers! Glad to have found you!
    Kelly and Kim’s Kindergarten Kreations

  2. Wow- what a nice freebie! I'm starting space on Monday & it's my Open House theme this year. Thanks!

    1. You're welcome! I am so glad that I could help you with your theme. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. This is PERFECT!!! We just finished our space unit on Friday with a trip to the planetarium! I am sure they will love playing this for review and more space fun! THANKS for sharing!

  4. woohoo, starting space in a week and soo happy I got this! thanks.