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Friday, June 6, 2014

Thank you, Teachers Notebook!

My colleague, Joy, with her new iPad!  
Do you remember the Teachers Appreciation week iPad/gift certificate sweepstakes from Teachers Notebook?  (If not, here's the link to my post about it on May 4th.)  I won an iPad!!!  

I was so thrilled!  But, since I already have an iPad, I gave this one to my friend and colleague, Joy!  Now, both of us are thrilled!   We are so excited to have another iPad to use at our school.  I know that she has already wasted  invested a lot of time lately checking out cool educational apps!  

On behalf of Joy and myself, I want to extend a very heart-felt "Thank You" to Teachers Notebook.  Now, more of our students will have access to this innovative, engaging 
way to practice reading, math, science, and more.  We really appreciate it and will definitely be putting the technology to good use!  

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  1. YEAH!!! looking good for CCLC kiddos. Joy looks great and grateful.

    1. Yes, Katie, we're very excited to add more technology!