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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Math and Literacy FREEBIE!

I recently added another 10-page freebie to my stores!  This one addresses several MATH AND LITERACY standards for K-2.  It includes the following activities:

* 1 “Ice Cream Bump” addition game    My students LOVE this game, so I have several versions.

* 1 addition “color by sum” game  This is a really fun way for students to practice addition facts.  

   CLICK HERE to see my "Color by Sum COMBO PACK."

* 1 subtraction dice game  My daughter could use some subtraction practice, so I created this page with her in mind!  

* 1 emergent reader for summer   This book focuses on first and second grade sight words, as well as vowel teams.  

* 2 pages of cut-and-glue math   This is a great way for students to work on their fine motor skills AND math.  CLICK HERE and scroll down to see several of my cut-and-glue math resources.

* 2 pages of cut-and-glue literacy  One of these pages focuses on "silent e" words.  The other page has students reading and sorting words with the suffixes ed & ing.  

* 1 summer-themed writing page   This page is similar to those found in my Summer Writing Journal.  CLICK HERE to take a look!  

Click on the picture below to see this summer-themed freebie on Teachers Notebook.  Click on HERE to find it on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Your feedback on this item is always appreciated!

I hope your students enjoy the activities!  Thanks for reading!

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