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Monday, July 14, 2014

Markdown Monday! See What's on SALE!

Click on the picture and scroll down to see ALL OF THE SALE ITEMS!!!
I'm so happy to be participating in Markdown Monday with Kelly and Kim!  Everyone picks an awesome item from their store to discount from today until Friday.  If you click on the picture above, you can take a look at ALL of the discounted items.  Or, scroll down to take a look at what's on sale in my store!    Sorry, but this promotion has ended. :(  However, you can still scroll down and take a look at my twist on "write the room" activities!

Click on the picture to grab this already discounted set for another 40% off!!!

I created this set of "Secret Word" write the room sets because many of my students were just getting tired of the regular sets.  My high flyers needed more of a challenge to do on their own.  Those students who needed a little assistance found friends to help them or asked me.  Usually, after doing one or two with help, they were soon doing the work on their own, needing help only with reading the clue.  This set was definitely a hit in my classroom!  I hope your students will enjoy it, too!  

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!

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