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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale Linky Party and Gingerbread Telling Time Task Cards!

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) will be the perfect time to find some wonderful classroom resources ON SALE! You can even get an extra 10% off by using code TG2014 on Teacher's Notebook and TPTCYBER on Teachers Pay Teachers! (On TN, the code is good now thru Tuesday. On TPT, the code is good only Monday and Tuesday.)

You can also grab my latest resource for 50% off. Scroll down to see my Gingerbread Telling Time Multipurpose Task Cards in action! 

Click on the picture to see this item on Teacher's Notebook.

I am very partial to games as center activities and homework, but I know that other teachers enjoy using task cards and playing Scoot. So . . . this set of of task cards can do all 3! 
Play Scoot with them or use them as task cards. It's easy because this set is numbered and comes with recording sheets! 
Use the cards to play a game. A directions sheet and extra game cards are included! 
A t home, we use this set to play a game.   
One large gingerbread-themed clock and some small clocks are included!
My new items are usually 50% off for 3 days, but I left this one at 50% off just for the Cyber Monday Sale. Take a look at the linky party below to find more greatly reduced items! 

Thanks for reading! 

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