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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gingerbread Cut-and-Glue Math and Literacy for Kindergarten and a FREEBIE!

Guess what?  I just added 10 new pages to my kindergarten gingerbread set!  It now has 47 pages: 24 pages of literacy activities and 23 pages of math, as well as 3 pages that are EDITABLE!  

Here are a few pictures of the set "in action."  My kindergartener finished 3 pages (even though he was only asked to finish one!).  My first grader thought that the gingerbread house activity was just too cute not to color!  Even my preschooler wanted to do a page, so he did the letter sound sort. 

For this page, students cut out objects to decorate a gingerbread man. Then they write a few sentences about their creation.

My daughter enjoyed making the gingerbread house. Similar pages will be added to the first grade set, too. 

For this page, students cut out cookies with objects (the picture shows the page before revisions). They sort them according to beginning sounds. 

This set includes the following pages:

*Cookie Sheet Sort--Students read and sort CVC words from the an and at word families.
*Sort Some Yummy Treats--On this page, students sort et, en, and eg words.
*Run Home, Gingerbread Man!--Students read and sort words from the it, in, ig, and ip word families.
*Eating Cookies!--On this page, students sort op and ot words.
*Hot from the Oven!--Students sort cookies with words from the ug and ut families.
*Sight Word Sorting, Sight Word Candies, and Sight Word Cookies--On these 3 pages, students sort sight words according to the number of letters each word has. EDITABLE versions of these pages are also included! 
*Making Words and Making More Words--Students add an onset to each rime, making real words.
*Scrambled Words and More Scrambled Words--On these pages, students cut out individual letters to make CVC words from 2 word families.  
*Cookie Mix Up, Gingerbread Mix Up, and Candy Cane Mix Up--Students cut out mixed up sight word sentences, glue them in order to make a sentence, and write the sentence.
*Cookies and Candies--Here, students match rhyming words.
*Fluency Fun & More Fluency Fun--On these 2 pages, students add candies to gingerbread cookies while reading each sight word sentence twice.
*Sweet Syllable Sort & Cookies, Cakes, and Pies! Oh my!--Students sort words by the number of syllables they have.
*Baking Beginning Sounds & Baking More Beginning Sounds--Students sort cookies with pictures according to their beginning letter sounds.
*My Gingerbread Cookie & My Gingerbread House--Students decorate objects and write about them. 
*Sorting Shapes--Here, students sort 2D and 3D shapes.
*Counting Candies and Counting Gingerbread Cookies--Here, students will cut out a number of objects and use them to represent numbers less than 10.
*Adding Gingerbread Men, Adding More Gingerbread Cookies, and Adding Candies--On these pages, students cut out objects and use them to solve addition problems.
*Making 10 and Ten Candies--Students figure out how many more they need to make 10.
*Count On With Cookies! and Counting Lots of Candies!--Students practice addition using the “counting on” strategy.  
*"Ten and Ones" and "Tens and Ones: Candies"--Students use groups of tens and ones to construct teens.
*Subtracting Cookies and Subtracting Candies--Here, students glue numbers in the correct position to construct subtraction problems.
*Addition Word Problems, Adding Candies: Word Problems, Subtraction Word Problems, and Subtracting Candies: Word Problems--On these pages, students solve word problems using objects.  

While you're there, don't miss my Gingerbread Bump FOREVER FREEBIE!  

Click on the picture to find it on Teacher's Notebook.

As always, thanks for reading!

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