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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sight Word Game FREEBIE!

Here's a FREE sight word game from Stacy at Teacher's Take Out! It covers Fry's first 100 words.

My son is learning to read CVC words, so I thought we'd start working on some beginning sight words. As you can see, I tried to pick several that he can "sound out" (at, in, it) and a few more easy ones (I, a, to, the). The pile in the picture has several words, but we focused on about 8-10 today. 

My preschooler really enjoyed playing this game! We often use SquinkiesTM  as game pieces--which he loves! Plus, I colored the spaces to make the path easier for him to see. We'll be using the game a lot this summer! 

Teaching Tip
Stacy says that this game is "great for centers, small group, or for 2-player games." You can even use the cards to play different games. You could make 2 copies of the words for a matching game. I plan to put 5-8 on the table and ask my son to find certain words. Since recognition is easier than recall, I think this version of the game will help him to notice differences in the words AND increase his confidence in reading. Personally, I LOVE to send games like this home in ZiplocTM bags for some fun reading practice with family members.

Just click on the picture below to grab a copy for your student(s)! 

 Happy teaching!

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