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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kindergarten Math and Literacy Pack for Summer (No Prep!)

Could your student(s) use a review of kindergarten math and literacy this summer? If so, then take a look! 

This math and literacy pack includes 44 pages of kindergarten materials. It would make a great review of the basics so that your child avoids the "summer slide!" The pack has pages that focus on letter sounds, upper- and lowercase letter matching, CVC and CVCe words, counting, addition, subtraction, sight words, writing sentences, and more! Every page has a fun, engaging summer theme! 

What's Included

Writing in the Sand & Beach Letter Match: On these pages, students will match and write upper- and lowercase letters. 
Summer Sounds & Beginning Sounds: These 2 pages have students match an object with its beginning sound. 
Summer Scramble & Sunny Day Scramble: Students cut out and rearrange letters to make CVCe words. 
Sets of Summer: Here, students count each set of objects (<10) and write the numbers.
We Love to Count & Let's Count Seeds: On these pages, students cut out objects and glue the correct quantity of them to match each number.
Lemonade Stand & Pack a Picnic!: Here, students match each quantity of 10s and 1s with the correct teen number.
Catching Fireflies & Adding Ants: These pages have addition problems showing the objects. 
Summer Subtraction & Subtracting Shells: These pages have subtraction problems showing the objects. 
Add Within 5 & Surf and Subtract: These pages have addition and subtraction problems with sums and minuends of less than 5. 
Share the Surfboards & Share the Ice Cream: With these pages, students will practice matching sets of the same number.
Read, Write, and Draw (#1-#3): These 3 pages each provide students with a sentence to copy and space to illustrate the sentence. 
Summer Sentence Fun, Writing in the Sand, Summer Splash, & Watermelon Fun: For each of these pages, students will cut out a scrambled sentence, arranged the sight words in the correct order, and copy the sentence. 
2 Roll, Read, and Color pages: Here, students roll one die and read the corresponding sight word sentence. The first person to read the same sentence four times (developing fluency) wins! 
Water Balloon Sort, Sandwich Sort, Let's Go to the Beach, Shells by the Seashore & Sunny Sort: For these pages, students read and sort short vowel words according to word families. 
Sight Word Sort & Backyard BBQ: Here, students read and sort sight words according to the number of letters in each word. 
Sight Word Spin: This is a fun sight word game to play with 2 players. 
Sweet Treat Spin & Catching Bugs: These are CVC word games to play with 2 players.
How Many Water Balloons? & Wendy Loves Watermelon: For these games, students will spin and count the number of objects. 
Summer Shape Sort: On this page, students will sort the summer objects according to shape. 
Color and Graph: Students will identify and color shapes, then graph them. 
Campers Like to Count!: Here, students will cut out and glue the numbers in the correct position from 1 to 20. 
Keep on Counting!: For this page, students will cut out and glue the numbers in the correct position from 21 to 50. 

Just click on the picture below to take a look at this math and literacy summer review pack for kindergarten! 

Click on the picture to see it on Teacher's Notebook.

Happy teaching! 

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