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Friday, May 22, 2015

FREE Letter Sort for Preschool or Kindergarten

Don't miss this cute TEACHER FREEBIE from Cherry Workshop! It comes with upper- and lowercase As for students to sort. My son had fun "picking" the apples from the tree and placing them in the correct upper- or lowercase basket. The repetition provided my preschooler with enough practice to now be able to differentiate the letters! 


Katya, from Cherry Workshop, says, 
"I'm doing a lot of sorting games with my kids and they are always excited to play. What usually grabs their attention is when the game is contextualized in some way. e.g. tell them a story how you're going apple picking and you need everyone's help. It even cooler if the apples are all around the room. The same can be played with any thematic pictures or objects (even better) as a scavenger hunt, or they win the letters in a game and then sort. The possibilities are numerous. As long as there is some story behind the activity, even the simplest one, kids' imagination does all the work for you."

Just click on the picture at the top or the one below to download a set for your classroom.  I hope your students enjoy it as much as my son did! 

Happy teaching! 

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