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Friday, May 8, 2015

Domino Fractions FREEBIE for Grades 2-4!

I have a useful and fun TEACHER FREEBIE to share with you today! 

Who made this fun freebie?
This freebie comes to you from Amber at TGIF Third Grade is Fun! She has been teaching third grade for the past 3 years. She says that she is "loving every aspect of it!" Amber also has experience teaching 4th-8th, which helps her better prepare her students for the upper grades.

What makes this teacher freebie useful? 
Amber says that "Teachers have to find inexpensive and durable manipulatives to use in the classroom. Dominoes are the perfect solution to introducing fractions. They are cheap, very tough, and students love the idea that they are getting to do something other than just pencil and paper work."

Students will focus on writing and drawing fractions with this practical freebie. It covers comparing fractions (CCSS 3.NF.A.3d) using dominoes. There are also 2 levels of differentiation:

1. Students will trace the domino and draw the fraction. Then, students record the digits as a fraction.
2. Students can compare one domino fraction with another.

Sheets can be printed for each student or laminated for repeated use in math centers. The set also includes a mini-poster showing students how to compare two fractions.

Amber's teacher tip for using this resource:

"Introduce fractions lessons with quick and easy manipulatives. Of course students love candy, so give each student one Skittle and have them gather with like colors. Ask quick questions such as, "What fraction of the class has red?" or "What fraction of the class does not have yellow?" By starting the lesson with these quick mini-lessons, the students get a real world idea of fractions and they will remember the concept better when you refer back to it in 3 days."

You can click on the picture above to take a look at this helpful, easy-to-create and use math activity. If you have a moment, please don't forget to leave feedback for Amber! It is always appreciated! 

Thanks for reading! 

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