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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ending the Year "Write"!

     The end of the year is almost here!  (Rhyme intended, of course!)  Oh, my!
So, even though we do write throughout the year, I am trying to focus a little more on writing as the year draws to a close.  We are writing just for writing practice, writing for the holidays (We'll be writing for Earth Day soon.), writing for our reading responses, writing for science, and for any other reason I can think of!  
Writing during science

    I can't tell you how glad I am to have these writing journals handy!  I just run off a set that matches our theme (or a blank one) and we're ready to write!  I always give an example at the beginning (spelling by using our "kindergarten sounds"), especially one that encourages them to write MORE.  I remind them to use our word wall, invented spelling, and ask friends.  And, like I have to every year, I remind them that they are not as old as so-and-so's big brother, so they don't know how to spell everything yet and aren't expected to.  

    I thought maybe your class could use a set of these journals, too.  So . . . I'm putting them on sale!  They're 20% off all week (thru midnight CST on April 24th)!  You can find them HERE.  If you want to try them out first, download a FREE SET of 5 HERE.
If you download the freebie, please take a minute to leave a little feedback to let me know what you think.  I hope your students like them!  

Thanks for reading!

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