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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mandarin Workbook 1: Practicing at Home

As my children continue their Mandarin lessons, we have started practicing more at home.  Instead of just a couple of days a week, we actually sit down for half an hour or more EVERY night to work on writing characters and vocabulary. (This is, of course, encouraged by sticker charts and a pretty decent prize box!  All worth it, in my opinion, because their teachers are seeing improvement, too!)

Tonight they were working on pages from a new set I just posted, "Learning Chinese Characters:  Workbook 1 (simplified)"  The set focuses on 28 different characters.   It contains a mix of characters that both occur frequently and others that would allow me to create some easy beginning sentences.  

This set has tracing sheets, cut-and-glue sheets, a matching game, and color by character sheets.
After the product was posted, it occurred to me that I should have beginning books to match the set.  That way, students (or my own children) can really apply what they have learned.  I'm working on these now.  (Three are already finished!)  And, of course, all of the materials have been reviewed by native speakers. :)

P.S.   My pictures were enhanced with the app "Pic Stitch."  You should try it out!
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  1. Oh finally an adorable Mandarin pack! Still difficult for my preschooler but this should work with my kindergartener.


    1. Thanks! My son is 4 and he does okay with the set. But, then again, he has been all about fine motor activities the last few months, so I'm sure that helps. My daughter is 5. She's able to do a little more, of course.