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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cut-and-Glue Sentences--In Mandarin!

As you may know, some of the most popular items in my store are my sets of Cut-and-Glue Sight Word Sentences.  (Download a FREE kindergarten set HERE.)  So, I decided to use the same concept in Mandarin!  These not only help my little ones with fine motor skills, but also with character recognition, word order, and reading!  

My own children are learning Mandarin.  They go to classes at Language Stars twice a week.  While the teachers are doing a great job focusing on listening and speaking, they do not teach much character recognition and writing at the preschool level.  I quickly realized that my children will need to at least read Mandarin if they are to get anywhere in their study of the language.  We know that in English, children learn new vocabulary by reading and by having books read to them.  The same applies in Mandarin.  So, we started working on reading and writing at home a little every night using my materials and other resources.   

I am seeing the most marvelous results!  Here is a short video example, read by my 4-year-old:

I have included pages of cut-and-glue sentences with my first Mandarin set.  The sentences repeat the vocabulary from each set, matching each of the themes.  Workbook 2 is currently "in progress" and I still need to add some sentences to my color words set.  You can take a look at Workbook 1 by clicking on the picture.  

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