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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing: Chinese Characters Workbook 2

It's FINALLY finished!  I just completed and uploaded "Chinese Characters:  Workbook 2 (Mandarin, simplified)"!   Did you ever have one of those projects that just took waaaay longer than expected?  That's exactly how this one went.  I kept adding things and changing things, plus summer started so our schedule change interfered, then we went on vacation . . . But, the good news is that it's done!  

This packet covers more than 21 different words.  There are 6 different kinds of practice materials:  cut-and-glue sentences, cut-and-glue read/match/trace pages, character tracing pages, a matching game, color by character pages, and 5 beginning readers!  That's 67 pages of fun, as-hands-on-as-possible practice!  

And remember, my new products are always 50% off for AT LEAST the first 3 days after posting!  So, this one is on sale now!  

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