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Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Days to Get This Freebie!!!

Set #1 of my Printable Books for Beginning Readers is FREE thru Wednesday, August 31st!!!!
This set includes the following books, listed with word families covered and sight words:

"I Am" -am, -en am, and, I, the
"Tam" -am,-at has, in, is, see
"Zig" -ig did, in, yes, ?
"Jen" -en, -al do, dog, gal, pal, you
"Ben" -et at, look
"Pop" -op can, lot, not
"Ben and Pup" -up, -ug go, hill, pit, up
"Tam Runs" -ap, -un done, for, had, of, one, two, was
"Did You See That?" Sight words did,see,one,big, little, you, that, it, is
"Tam and the Frog" -og barks, jump, off, on, pond, saw, this

Click on the beginning reader page above to go to my TPT page to get your freebie!

Click here to see Printable Readers Set #2
Click here to see Printable Readers Set #3

Thanks for reading!
Teacher Tam
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  1. These are great! Thanks so much for sharing! :)


  2. You're welcome! I love using these in my classroom. My illustrations are a little lacking, but the kids think they're cute. I printed some off for my preschool-age daughter and she carries them around with her!