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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Favorite Word Work Activity Linky Party!

     Over at "Rockin' Teacher Materials," Hilary is hosting a great linky party!!!!  I just had to join in!

     Here is my super simple, yet really effective favorite word work activity:  CVC word puzzles.

      Sorry, I don't have any pictures of my students using them, but you probably get the idea.  They help students who are just learning to merge the letter sounds to make 3-letter words.  Sometimes, I even cut the puzzles into 3 parts if the student is still struggling.  
      I use the puzzles during guided reading (and sometimes put them out as center work).  Once I have presented the word family, I have the student read all of the rimes (op, op, op, etc.) so he or she gets the idea that they are all the same.  Then, I  spread out the onset letters and let the student find the matches, merging the sounds to read each word.  When the student has completed all 5 puzzles, I have him/her read all 5 words again (to reinforce the pattern).  Then, I send the laminated set of puzzles home with the student as a homework activity.  

      A set of 6 word family puzzles is available in my TPT store for only $1.  Click on one of the sets of word family puzzles above or the link below to see the CVC word puzzles.  


Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
Teacher Tam
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  1. Great word work activity! I love that you send them home too! Thanks for joining my Linky party too! I don't really have a good fall idea or I would join up on yours! You gotta come over and see my blog....it's got a new look! Let me know what you think! Thanks again!