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Monday, October 31, 2011


      I just finished my "Candy Canes and Cupcakes 10 Frame Game."  I was inspired by 2 things:
                 1) all of the Christmas decorations ALREADY in the stores and
                 2) my students who need more practice "making" numbers 10 to 20.
      Hopefully, this game will help my students and yours gain a better understanding of the teens as collections of tens and ones.  The type of game is a favorite in our class:  Try to get the most cards while avoiding a card that makes you return some to the pile.  It's a very simple concept that all of my students understand and enjoy (especially when I play and get one of those cards!).
      Be sure to download it now!  It's only FREE thru Thursday, November 3rd!!!  Click on the caption below the picture to read more about it and get the game!  Kindly leave a rating.
Candy Canes & Cupcakes 10 Frame Game
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