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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NEW FREEBIE! Water Balloon Fun Card Game

As you probably know by now, my FAVORITE way to help students practice their skills is by playing a game.  So, when my son's reading progressed to the point where he needed to work on vowel teams and more sight words, I made yet another game!  This one focuses on LONG A AND LONG E VOWEL TEAMS:  ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, ey, and ei.
It also includes another set of cards covering 30 Dolch sight words for first and second grade.    Plus, there's an EDITABLE page of cards so you can even include your own words!  

Here, my son is playing the game with his older sister.  In no time, he'll be reading new sight words and several vowel teams easily!  There's nothing that motivates him more than winning a game!
 I hope you can use this game at home or in your classroom, as well.  It's a great, summer-themed way to practice reading!   Just CLICK ON THE COVER PICTURE BELOW to download it from Teacher's Notebook.  This freebie is ONLY available on that site.  

Please remember:  My FREEBIES have different terms of use than my priced items.  The FREEBIES can be readily shared with colleagues and/or other parents.   If your child and/or class does not need this game, please feel free to grab it for someone else or share the link!

Thanks for reading!

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