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Monday, January 27, 2014

FREE! Winter Fun Cut and Color Math and Literacy for Kindergarten

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I certainly have snow on my mind here in Chicago!  So, here's a nice FREEBIE to go with all of our cold weather.  It would be great to use at home or in the classroom on snowy days! 

This set contains 10 pages of cutting, gluing, and coloring winter-themed fun!  Every page is Common Core aligned with the standards listed on each page.  

Here is a list of what is included:

Scarf Spin & Color:  A Words  Students spin a paper clip to land on a word families.  The first students to color 8 words wins!

Skate, Spin, & Color:  E Words Students spin a paper clip to land on a word families.  The first students to color 8 words wins!

Mitten Match  Students cut out CVC words and match them to words that rhyme.

Sight Word Skis  On this page, students color skis according to the number of letters in each sight word.

Keep Warm!  Students sort these words into sets that rhyme.

Winter Fun Sentence Scramble  Here, students cut out a sight word sentence, glue the words in the correct order, then rewrite the sentence.

Sledding Sums of 5 & 6  On this page, students color sleds with addition problems according to the sum of each problem.  

Color Some Snowboards  Students color the correct amount of snowboards in each row.

Hockey:  Tens and Ones  Students cut out the sets of hockey pucks to make each number using tens and ones.

Addition Winter Hats  On this page, students cut out the hats.  They glue the correct amount of hats to show how they solved each addition problem.  

I hope your students enjoy using this set!  

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  1. You are truly generous!!! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work! :)

  2. Thank you very much. I know you spend countless hours creating materials and I am thankful for your generous spirit.