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Friday, January 24, 2014

Valentine's Day Cut and Color for Kindergarten--FREE for a Limited Time!

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I just finished the "Valentine's Day Cut and Color Math and Literacy for Kindergarten."  It has 30 pages of Common Core based math and literacy practice including CVC words, sight words, counting, addition, subtraction, place value, and sentences!  

The best part is that you can GRAB IT FOR FREE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE!  I'm starting a little early, though.  I'm taking part in the "Facebook Free-for-All" that lasts from the 25th to the 27th.  From now until the 27th, you can click on the Valentine-themed tab on my page to download my Valentine's Day Cut and Color pack for FREE!  You can also take a look to see who else is offering freebies this weekend, although they might not have theirs posted just yet.  The Free-for-All officially begins tonight at midnight!     Sorry, this giveaway has ended.  But you can still follow my Facebook page and watch for other giveaways!  

Be sure to get it this weekend because after the 27th it will become a paid item in my stores!  

Here's a list of what's included in the pack:

Valentine Spin and Color:  A Words 
Valentine Spin and Color:  E Words  
Valentine Spin and Color:  I Words 
Valentine Spin and Color:  O Words 
Valentine Spin and Color:  U Words 
These pages are partner games where students spin and color words from 4 different short vowel word families.  The first person to color 8 words wins!

Monster Valentine Match
Students cut and glue CVC words with words that rhyme.  This page covers all 5 short vowels.

Coloring Valentine Candies
Coloring Candy Heart
Let's Send Valentines!
On this pages, students color candies with sight words according to the number of letters in each word.

It's a Box of Chocolates!
Mail a Valentine!
My Valentine Card Collection!
On each of these pages, students cut and glue 2 sets of CVC words, matching them with words from the same family.  

Valentine Sentence Scramble
Sweet Sentence Scramble
Candy Heart Sentence Scramble
These pages contain scrambled sight word sentences.  Students will cut out the words, form a sentence, glue it on the page, then rewrite the sentence.  

Lovely Lollipops!  Sums of 3 & 4
Valentine Cupcakes to Color!  Sums of 5 & 6
Color the Hearts!  Sums of 7 & 8
Valentine Balloons!  Sums of 9 & 10
On these pages, students color each addition problem according to its sum.  

Color Some Chocolates!
Color Some Candies!
Students color the correct number of items in each row.  There are 10 in each row.  They will be coloring anywhere from 3 to 10 items.  

Coloring Chocolates:  Tens and Ones
Here, students color the correct number of items in each row using groups of tens and ones.  

Counting Chocolates:  Tens and Ones
Happy Hearts!
On these pages, students cut out groups of tens and ones.  They use them to represent numbers 11-20.

Graphing Goodies:  Sight Words
Valentine Graphing:  Sight Words
Students read sight words and count how many of each word they find.  They cut out objects at the bottom to glue on the graph in order to represent the number of words.  

Adding Candies
Adding Valentines
On these pages, students cut out objects.  They use the objects to represent addition problems.  

Eating Chocolates!
Eating Candy Hearts!
Here, students cut out numbers and use them to create subtraction problems.  

I hope your students enjoy this set!  

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