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Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Cut-and-Glue Math and a FREEBIE!

Click on the picture to see the winter pack on Teachers Notebook.

With the all of the snow we're expecting in Chicago this weekend, it was only fitting that we completed a couple of pages from my "Kindergarten Math Common Core Cut-and-Glue Workbook" today.  The set has 30 pages that cover ALL 22 of the Common Core Standards for kindergarten math.  All of them have a fun winter theme!

I really enjoy using all of the cut-and-glue workbook sets both at home and in the classroom.  Not only do they cover the Standards, but they also give students an opportunity to work on important fine motor skills, such as cutting and coloring.  Plus, this approach offers more variety than the usual worksheet, keeping students engaged.  
Additionally, with only a few possible answers, they allow students to narrow down the possibilities and self-check answers.

If you haven't tried out one of these sets in your classroom, you should!  Click on the picture below to grab a few pages for free!  

Click on the picture to see it on Teachers Notebook.

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